3699 Autoroute 440 West, Laval
Tel : 450.688.7773

Mon-Tue-Wed : 8h to 18h
Thu-Fri : 8h to 21h
Sat : 8h to 17h   Sun: 9h to 17h

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Rib Steaks A, AA, AAA
Rib Steaks 8oz
Rib Steaks 10oz
Rib Steaks 12oz
Rib Steaks 14oz
Rib Steaks 16oz
Ribs Hotel Style - RTS
Beef Stew
Inside Beef
Liver Complete
Liver Sliced
Spencer for Submarine
Philly Steak US
Strip Loin
Beef Butts
Flank Steaks
Minced Meats (chuck)
Hamburger regular
Hamburger lean
Hamburger extra lean
Beef Burgers
GM Hamburger Patties 3oz
GM Hamburger Patties 4oz
GM Hamburger Patties 6oz
GM Hamburger Patties 8oz
Cardinal Beef Patties
Cardinal Hamburger Patties 4oz
Cardinal Hamburger Patties 5oz
Cardinal Hamburger Patties 8oz
Smoked Meat, Hot-Dogs, etc.
Salami All Beef
Lesters Smoked Meat
Mello Smoked Meat
Beef Fillet AA, AAA
Beef Fillet 4Con/5 up
Beef Fillet 7 Con/5 up
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